David T. Crum embraces the title “Christian patriot.” He serves as an Assistant Professor of History at a Christian university. He holds two M.A. degrees (Theological Studies and History, respectively) and earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Historical Theology from the University of the Free State.

His research interests include the history of warfare and Christianity. He has taught history, philosophy, American Government, and Christian studies courses. His articles have been published by Abbeville Institute, Florida Baptist Historical Society, Church History Institute, periodicals, and several academic journals. He is a regular contributor to the Right Side Broadcasting Network and the Aquila Report.

His writings can be found here:

Rev. Joshua J Radke is pastor of Christ the King Church, a Saxon-Anglican confessing mission-parish in the east-central Crown of Maine. He has a B.Div. ('2:1') from the University of London. He is also researching for his PhD dissertation on a spiritual-history of the Knights Templar for Corbenic Bible College. He has independently published Stitched Crosses on Crusade (a work of High-History fiction) as well as The Creation, The Fall, and The Promise (a children's picture book).

David T. Crum

Joshua J. Radke