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Are you curious about the influence of Christian principles on the Founders of the United States? Are you interested in the role Christians played in the American Revolution? You may wonder if the ideals and concerns of the original patriots still resonate today. This site is your gateway to discovering the historical connection of Christianity to the United States.

Christianity and patriotism have a strong link in the history of the United States. Millions of original patriots found solace in their faith, believing its teachings supported their right to independence.

While the United States has changed dramatically over the generations, Christian patriots still stand strong, proclaiming the same original message of freedom, free speech, and religious liberty.

American Christianity defends the patriot’s message of Christianity and liberty. Writings delve into commentaries, devotionals, and church history.

While the material maintains an interdenominational approach, most writings favor the classical expressions of the Reformed, Anglican, and Lutheran branches.

The authors acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of the world, and allegiance must always focus on Jesus Christ and the greater purpose of serving the body of Christ.

Kayla’s Corner is a specific section where children and young readers can post their commentaries and devotional entries.

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